Hello Friend

I think it’s safe to call us friends by now because, by the time we actually meet I plan to know everything about you… okay well maybe not EVERYTHING but far more than most.  That’s just who I am! I’m all about the story.  Like, REALLY all about the story.  I’m known to spend 20 minutes chatting it up with a random Grandma at Trader Joe’s because GRANDMA’S HAVE SUCH GREAT STORIES!  I think everyone has a great story actually. Most people think their story isn’t worth telling, but I disagree.  I’ve yet to find a person I haven’t found interesting, or quirky or awesome in their own way.


1383246_10201430697464056_895757738_nAs for my own personal brand of quirky, well,  I like to think it’s endearing… maybe more like a fine wine that you’ve got to acquire a taste for.

You must know, my first job was as an elf, Santa’s helper, you know the ones, big pointy shoes, ridiculous hat, making your kids smile during their obligatory photo with Santa at the local mall.  Yep! That was me, for more than one year.  Actually, more than one character, as you can see, I also happened to dawn a Tigger costume at one point in time.  I actually sort of dug it.  Okay, I totally dug it.  It’s what made me decide to be a Kindergarten teacher.  Right up until I dropped out half way through my first semester because um I don’t know if you realize this but Kindergarten teachers don’t actually get to play with kids all day.  Clearly I was confused.  My Dad was so very proud!


But actually he was.  That’s when I decided to go to a Fine Art School and spend way to many hours in a dark room, being an Artist.  Now that my young, hipster, artist days are behind me and nap times, goldfish and Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pop Tarts are my daily, my life is still about the art, it’s just coming from a different perspective.  Now I see the art in tickle fights, and sleepy whispers.  I see the beauty in the crooked teeth and “must have” 20 Iron man figurines.  Heck I even see the art in the fact that my son went through a stage where he demanded to entered and exited our house through the discustingly, gross doggy door.  True story. He truly is a magical little being. Ha!

I like to think both Piven and his little brother Kemper get their hilarious quirks and adorableness from their Mama, if not, I’ve got a lot of quirks for nothing!


            Some of my numerous quirks

  • I’m a sales person’s dream.  If a cashier suggests a product at the register I can’t help but buy it… I mean if anyone knows what’s delicious at Trader Joe’s it’s obviously the people that work there… I should trust them.
  • I love the airport.  Its a place of what’s to come and adventure ahead.
  • I only wash my face with oil.  Works wonders, we can totally have a long drawn out conversation about it’s splendor.
  • I like to play Russian Roulette with my Arby’s Beef and Cheddar.  Will it come with or without Arby’s sauce? NO ONE KNOWS!!!!
  • I’m pretty sure I was a professional dancer in a past life, or whatever, because while watching “So You think You can Dance” I actually think I can for a second.
  • I arrange my morning shower/getting ready schedule to match my overpowering need to listen to JohnJay and Rich every morning.
  • I often have the largest size of Sweet Tea McDonalds can offer on my desk while I work.
  • All of my besties call me Sunshine.  They also all make fun of me because apparently I do a weird Elvis lip thing.  I don’t believe them.
  • Im really great at being truly present in the right now. Even when I wish I wasn’t during a 3 year olds melt down.
  • I never seem to be happy with my hair it tends to be a symbol of my mood that day.  I will not allow it to control me.
  • I drop out of a text chat and forget to return. My friends really love this one. Jasen loves it the most!
  • I’m afraid to commit usually.  Its a forced action.