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Your Transformational Experience

True, beautiful family life portraiture doesn’t just happen, it takes a lot of time, planning and experience. To make sure that each and every photograph is uniquely personal and true to your story, we go on a journey with each and every one of our clients. 

The journey starts through a couple of conversations to really get to know each personality within your family through what we call a discover call!  You really get too see and feel it all come together during your photographic session that takes place in your home or location of choice with Christy!  Next you get to relax, all cozied up on the couch with a glass of wine at our studio in Mid-Town as you enjoy a cinematic reveal of your photographs as we help you design your artwork! This is when you’ll place your order, at the Design and Ordering Consultation. 

Bittersweet for us, the first part of your experience is complete after we come and install your stunning wall art in your home or office. But we know from personal experience and from the mouths of our past clients, the real beauty of this experience is the day to day reminder of what this art work really holds for you. What it ends up giving you when you need it most. Now don’t get me wrong, this is our wish and hope for every client we get to serve, but we just aren’t ready to say good bye. Keep in touch with us!  You’re like family at this point!  It’s safe to assume you’ll be invited over for a BBQ in the near future! 


The first stage of the journey is for us to understand your unique bond with your family, to hear the stories that you want to remember, and to understand more about the personalities we are to capture. We make this easy and do it all over a telephone call! 

“This was not your ordinary photo shoot experience.  Christy puts in hours of pre-shoot time helping to uncover what is special about each family.” ~Joanna O`Neal

We take this information and creatively plan your photographic session around each family member and what it is that you love so much about them, making sure we can get the best out of you, your spouse, your children and your pets on the day of the session, whether someone is an outgoing friendly type or a shy, reserved personality. We also discuss the display products that you are interested in and that we feel will suit your tastes and the emotions captured, so you can have a realistic expectation on what it is that you are truly looking for and will look the best in your home!


The photographic session is all about creating an environment in which your children and pets can thrive, and encourage those special moments you want to remember forever to happen within their natural environment. 

Two hours is allocated for each session and we always work at the pace of your child or pet. Christy allows plenty of time for everyone to become familiar with her before she even picks up her camera. Gets down on their level and really becomes part of their family so she is able to see your family as you do on a day to day. It also gives everyone a sense of comfort to just be. It’s really easy to forget there is even a camera around! 

The shoot is all about capturing your playful, adorable, mischievous and totally lovable personalities that shine behind your everyday closed doors. It’s a fun, easy-going and relaxed experience! The session is more than taking photographs, it’s a celebration of a life, whether it 3 crazy little boys full of life and energy, or an older dog with a life to remember.

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Ready to book? Let’s do it! Give us a call at  775.376.7182 OR CLICK HERE TO SEND AN ENQUIRY EMAIL


In most cases we will schedule your photographic session in the early part of the day and invite you to our Mid-Town studio to view your photographs in our cinematic design consultation room that very same afternoon. This is where all the preparation and work comes together; you select the photographs you love most, view them as various display options so you can see what they will look like on your own walls in true life size, and tissues are on hand, it’s frequently an emotional experience!

During your design consultation, you’ll be present 30–40 photographs that will captivate and inspire you. We will also work with you to design and create your perfect collection of favorite photographs and wall art displays. Your collection will showcase your families true unique for years to come.

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Placing your Order at your Design Consultation

Your order is placed during this design consultation so all decision-makers MUST attend. Three and six month payment plan options are also available.


Photographic Session Pricing